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Zic(s) du moment :
Gerald y la Ritmica – Solo Tu y Yo (Just the two of us)

Got a free pic of mai waifu :

By Tomekichi

Made free pic of his waifu in return :


I wish I could at least deliver similar quality…

Omake : My Waifu Can’t Be This Cute




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Zic(s) du moment :
Houkago Tea Time – Ohayou, Mata Ashita

C’était sympa Londres.

Abbey Road Studio.
Screw the Beatles ! It’s HTT’s time now !


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清乃「は 初めてなんだから優しくしなさい!///」

9 months late. Actually, I finished it before leaving for Japan, but eventually forgot about it. Quickly made some shitty background for it and posted it.

In case you forgot, yeah it’s Nayu and Kiyono from Chu-bra, some anime from the beginning of the year, a certain scene from episode 11. Do people even remember this anime ? Personally I really liked it. An anime about pantsu, but treated in a cute and clever way. It was nice to watch. In Japan too it wasn’t so popular. By searching on pixiv you find only 20 frikkin pics (among 1 500 000+ on the site) and was totally absent of the doujin scene.

I guess I don’t even have to hope for a second season. Let’s buy the manga someday.




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WANT !!!



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Zic(s) du moment :
Daytona USA OST – Race to the Bass

Last episode of K-on!! tonight.

(click to see the video)




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Zic(s) du moment :
Hiromi Konno – Anata shika mienai (Amagami ED3)

So as I lick, Unlimited Pero Works


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こ こ… コミケですか?!

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いよいよ明日だぞ、山田氏!Epic week-end incoming~




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Zic(s) du moment :
Aki Toyosaki – Utauyo!!MIRACLE (K-On!! OP2)

I must be the only one thinking that it’s the best K-On pairing, but anyway… Together Forever.

Mugi : “Hey, do you see that hottie with long dark hair over there ? She’s MAI WAIFU.”

Mio takes advantage of the commotion for jumping on Mugi and giving her a big hug.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Yui x Mugi date in the clubroom late in the evening.
Love triangle ?

Ritsu x Mugi date, a whole day alone together.
Love… ‘square’ ?

Mugyuu regretting making her lover cry after she ate her strawberry…
That was such an awesome scene, yet so painful to watch at the same time.

Mugi is so lovely that it really hurts…




「(せ 先輩のスク水姿…//////)」

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Zic(s) du moment :
Daytona USA OST – Sky High

Made it quickly a few days ago. From a certain scene of episode 11. Don’t ask me where are her hands.

Random screenshots posting action, intense Mugi worship, and moar GL nonsense in the ‘read more’.


read more …


Hina-tan, Nagi-tan & Azu-tan

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Zic(s) du moment :
ONE OK ROCK – Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

When people are addicted to gambling, they can ask to be banned from casinos, so they don’t get tempted. I think they should do the same for Akihabara… orz

Everything started fine though, with my weekly visit to Toranoana (get a point card there) for getting new releases.

- ‘Poor Poor’ vol. 1. 4koma, Binbou Shimai Monogatari + Hanamaru Youchien with less WIN but moar crazyness, moar service and deliciously yuri.
– ‘To Aru Majutsu no Index’ vol.6, I never bought any of the previous volume, but doesn’t really matter since this book is all about the Last Order-chan arc, with Accelerator as the main character. Anyway, bought it mostly for the purpose of getting a whole full book of “Misaka wa Misaka wa” goodness.

Then, I had to buy something at Yodobashi Camera. Once what I needed in my hands, decided to kill time at the 6th floor, labeled as ‘Games & Toys’…


Yodobashi Camera is a ‘family’ shop, but that’s still Akihabara. Means that they get an awesome collection of figurines, gunplas, and random goods. Then, as I was cutting through the trading cards corner (I don’t have a lot of interests in these cards), I came across the HAYATE NO GOTOKU CARDS WE SEE IN THE SECOND SEASON. :o

You know, these ones ^, drawn by top artists.
I remember when I saw these in the anime, I was ready to kill someone for a set of these cards.

So, there was 2 starter decks : Hinagiku (Hina-tan) and Nagi (-tan). Considering how much I wanted them before, and the fact that there was only one deck of Hina-tan left, it was “AUTOMATIC GETTO !!!” in my head. I hesitated a few seconds about the Nagi deck, and finally I just went “OH SHIT, GETTO T_T” with manly tears in my eyes as I grabbed a set, leaving regrets behind. orz

The Hina and Nagi decks once opened.
Gets 40 cards each.
Don’t really have to mention it, though you can’t really tell from these pics, but every single one of the cards is made of excellence and PURE WIN.

To my surprise, as you can see in the pics, there are only 15 different cards per deck, each one getting one or two extra copies. :o

Honestly I don’t care about playing the game, I just wanted the cards, so it was kind of a waste. Thankfully, my dear bros were interested in them so I could get rid of these extra cards while making two persons happy. Thanks again, bros !

Finally, before going home, paid a quick visit to the last place (?) indicated in my Akiba guide that I had yet to visit : the Tokyo Anime Center at the 4th floor of the Akihabara UDX building.


Actually, that’s some kind of strange place. It looks like some souvenir store of Akihabara aimed at (foreigner) tourists who actually doesn’t really give a crap about anime or doesn’t know much about it, and just want to bring back home some ‘anime-ish’ stuffs. So no ‘hardcore’ stuffs, mostly everything that is accepted by the ‘mass’ : One Piece, Evangelion, Doraemon, Gegege no Kitaro, and a bit of Gurren Lagann and Ghibli movies. But if you look carefully…

You can actually find a few goods about moe shows like Haruhi, Hayate and K-On!.
Ever since I arrived to Tokyo, I have always been searching some embarrassing made-in-japan otaku t-shirt (ita-shirt ?) to wear, I think I found it with that K-on t-shirt featuring one of the most huggable characters in anime history, Azunyan~
Added a Hinagiku glass, so I can drink her juice whenever I want~

lol Seriously, I should really stay away from Akihabara for a while… Not mentionning that this sunday, I’m going to my second event : PuniKet.

BTW, I got myself a paypal account, so if you want me to get something in Akihabara for you, just let me now.

I’m actually thinking about making a eBay page for selling stuffs, but I think that this site kind of sucks badly… You have to pay fees for posting offers and uploading pics. WTF ? I don’t get why people are using this site… Yahoo Auction is free, but all in japanese sadly enough. Doesn’t help to sell overseas.