Hyakko – volume 5

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Wow… Been 9 months since the previous volume. FRIKKIN MISSED THIS MANGA.

One thing I like about Hyakko is that the books themself are always made of win. This time, it gets a whole pic on the other side of the cover ! Never saw that before ! Nice stuff~
Ain’t really visible on this pic, but the back of the uncovered book gets none other than Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li XD

Volume 4 was epic on many points. As for this volume, it was… hmmm how could I say it…


Was epic, for sure. But not in a way you have known before. Well, that’s what make Hyakko’s quality, finally. But still… I guess it’s safe to consider this book as a ‘gaiden’ of the actual manga.

As always, read the comments below the random scans for more info, since I suck at making decent descriptions.

These 4 characters are actually the main characters of the book. The book is divised in 4 chapters, each chapter focusing on one of them.
But , the 3 first chapters are actually an arc with a plot. PLOT ? IN MY HYAKKO ? :o

Chapter 1 : Kirin
so the whole thing starts when Torako meets a cute girl that even yankees are afraid of : Kirin Muromachi (kirin : girafe, back with animal names again XD)

Kirin is one of the ‘Four Emperors'(Shitennou), meaning one of the four biggest badasses in the school.
She actually intends to be the new seitokaichou, but her rival for the election is one of the other shitennou : Takaya (hawk).

Takaya, helped by his right arm Kitsune, is ready to use any dirty trick for winning the election, like sending random guys attacking Kirin.

Wait… did my Hyakko become some fighting manga ?
Even Torako ain’t sure about it anymore XD
Anyway, Kirin is <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

chapter 2 : Shishimaru
After having pwnd the random guys, Kirin gets to fight the mid-boss brought by Kitsune, the third of the shintennou guys who’s none other than our old erobaka Shishimaru XD

Shishimaru wins the fight (like every stupid pervert, he’s uberly strong XD ), but…
Torako : “ah wait, you hit a girl ! SAITTEEEEE !!!”
Clean hit XD

Chapter 3 : Takaya
Final chapter of the seitokai arc, with Takaya’s motives being revealed, and the final fight (?!?) for being the seitokaichou.

Now, that’s really fighting manga.

Chapter 4 : Kumahiko
The chapter involving the last of the shitennou guys is actually a good old crazy Hyakko chapter~
Torako decides to help Kuma, her childhood friend and obligatory ‘guy who looks scary but is actually a shy and kind guy’, to overcome his shyness toward girls.

Training with Ayu…
She looks so cute with longer hair <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
He’s not a guy for you T_T

It gives also the opportunity to other chars to finally appear, such as Nene…
N : “Oh man, you’re big ! Your ***** must be quite awesome too ! How long ?”
lol Even this jerk Kitsune is blushing at this. XD

hyakko05_0014 hyakko05_0013
Hitsugi & Inori~

So yeah… I enjoyed it pretty much, but to be honest not as much of the previous ones. It’s just that I’m so a sucker for slice-of-life and iyashi-kei, and Hyakko was truly one of the best from this genre, so I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed. Anyway, looking forward to the next book~



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Hyakko volume 4

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I’ve read this book about a couple of months ago and just noticed that I didn’t post random scans from volume 4 though having added a sub-category for this awesome manga.

Like always, but in this volume in particular, it was an extremely awesome mix of lulz + iyashi-kei. This volume was about the crew’s summer vacation, and following Torako and her friends’ peaceful days really chills you out.

I found great how the author drew this volume as it makes you feel like you’re actually watching an anime (some scenes are separated by ‘eyecatch’ pics or random 2-3 panels sub-scenes including minor characters). It was really a well-made book and it definitely makes Hyakko to be one of my fav manga ever.

Ok now is the time for random scans again~

Torako : “I’ve been wondering since a while but… WHAT ARE YOU HIDING IN THAT BODY ?!”
Nene, get out of that body ! XD
Suzu XD

Haha I so like when Torako is being so malicious <3

Tatsuki doesn’t like high places~
Bottom of the right page, middle panel = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


The crew has to take supplementary lessons.
T : “Eh ? You too ?”
N : “Yup~ !”
T : “Isn’t the Class Rep supposed to be a model for the other students !?”
N : “Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m bad at studying, I JUST DON’T STUDY !!”
Nene FTW~

Kids, don’t do this XD

I know that these two pages are for introducing Nene’s brother, but I was only thinking “man when Nene is being ‘normal’ she’s just too HAWT” when reading this.

For some reason Inori seems to be hated by her sister. Well, that just makes her look even cuter.

Touma-mama XD

Left page, last panel : KTKR <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Kitsune : “Yo, Ayumi-chan ! Want to do s*x with us ?”

Ayumi and Kitsune have an amusing relationship, but man I hope they won’t end up together. XD
Kitsune is such a jerk, Ayumi doesn’t deserve that. ^^;

‘Natsu-yasumi’ rhymes with ‘matsuri’, so obligatory yukata scene~
Nobody recognized Touma at first XD
Cute <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Hitsugi and her mysterious friend who hasn’t been introduced yet.


Same comment as earlier…

For some reason, Torako has Amakasa-sensei’s phone number… Man I smell something fishy here ! XD

Hyakko, Love & Piece.

Omake manga : man, there’s really something fishy between the two of them. XD
And man, these pages look like the beginning of an ero-doujin. XD

I still have a nice amount of random scans on my USB key, so (maybe) moar posts with random scans to come later…



Hyakko volume 2 & 3

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While I’m at it, quick post for posting some Hyakko scans (viva copy-pasta !).

Just something I need to say first : Hyakko is, with Hayate no Gotoku, my favorite manga from everything I’m reading now. One of the funniest manga I’ve read recently, and it has some bit of yuri, which makes it one of the best slice-of-life manga evar.

Yay scans~

– Volume 2

I’m particularly fond of Torako and Tatsuki’s relationship. <3
“gya-… gyakugire !” XD

Suzu luvs Tatsuki’s (adult) pantsu~

Again, a bunch of new characters got introcued, like Chie the cute robot-maniac, and Inori the girl who never had any friends cause she is frikkin scary XD

S : “Torako will die in one week… T_T ”

T : “Suzu, you’re not telling her your phone number ?”
S : “W-… Won’t I be cursed or something ?”
I : “…fufufu”
T : “DENY IT !”
I : “Ah, y- yes. I won’t curse my friends, you know…

Minato, Suzu’s rival XD
And yet another girl who wants Torako badly <3

hyakko0208 hyakko0207
The volume ends with a long chapter about Tohma, introducing her and her relationship with the crew. This chapter was awesome on many levels, really well written IMO and full of love & piece (and yuri vibes).

hyakko0210 hyakko0209
That’s so the kind of scene you could actually see
in a yuri manga <3 <3 <3
Simply great. Also, Touma is now my fav character in Hyakko,
she’s so hawt. <3

– Volume 3

Volume 3 got a bit of drama, since it introduced
Torako’s brother and sister.
I must say that I wub Oniyuri
and her relationship with Torako <3 <3 <3
Also, Suzu <3 <3 <3

The second half was like always great comedy.
Suzu XD

First effect : LOL~ XD
Second effect : Hitsugi is cute <3 <3 <3
She was making her best at not laughing in front of everyone but couldn’t handle it anymore because of Torako’s crazyness~


I wish I could watch the anime…



Hyakko volume 1

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A couple of days ago I killed again some time at the japanese library, and came across this manga :


Actually, I did check that manga before some weeks ago after seeing an article in Newtype about the freshly aired anime adaptation, but I only took a quick look at it and didn’t read a single bit of the story because of its ‘peculiar’ chara design… orz

So when I came across this manga again yesterday, I finally decided to give it a read thanks to a post I saw on an imageboard… and I ended up reading the first volume entirely, because it was frikkin’ GREAT.

Yet another awesome all-girls slice of life manga, Hyakko is about the everyday-life of Torako, some very energetic and crazy girl, and her 3 friends. Somewhat à la School Rumble, their classmates are eventually introduced and the manga grows more and more crazy.

The four main heroines : Torako the baka, Tatsuki the ojou-sama, Suzume the fushigi-chan, and Ayumi the moe shy girl. The character-design can be a turn-off at first, but personally (ironically enough), now that I’m familiar with the characters and the story, I finally find the design to be kind of cool.

img061 img060
Tatsuki is the serious one in the crew, but she actually gets caught up in Torako’s pace quite easily, resulting in some hilarious scenes.

Ayumi : “Actually I don’t have a big appetite…”
Torako : “…”
Torako : *pushes the ‘add extra’ button*

Ayumi : “Tatsuki-san didn’t take an extra…”
Tatsuki : “Any complaint ?”
Torako : *trying to push the ‘add extra’ button*
lol~ XD
Like every baka characters, Torako can’t help herself not to press every buttons she sees.

So far my favorite is Suzume, and that scene explicitly shows one of the reasons why I wub her.

Torako : “… man, you suck.”
Ushio : “Who cares ?! Karaoke are all about singing, that’s all ! What about you ? You’re talkin but can you even sing ?”
Torako : “OoOOooOo ! I’ll make ya cry and apologize !”
Torako :*singing atrociously*
Ushio : “You just suck too finally !!!”
The karaoke scene, many lulz~

The art class chapter was both funny and HAWT
Also, Nene = w00t gachiyuri iinchou~

Torako : “If it’s you, Suzu, I wouldn’t mind giving up my virginity. I’ll give ya even my first kiss”
Torako : “BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA ! Don’t do it for real !!!”
I was already convinced by this manga, but that last chapter was a finishing blow <3 <3 <3
Suzume FTW.

Torako is hot <3

In short : awesome characters + all-girl manga + slice of life + yuri + crazyness = must-read.