Le Moussaillon du Rêve

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Zic(s) du moment :
Yuki Hide – Yume no Funenori

Dans la série “j’avais jamais checké l’opening original de cette série jusqu’à maintenant“, Captain Flam (ou Captain Future dans la version originale).

Là où la version française faisait très “aventure spatiale” et reste aujourd’hui un des rares génériques de l’époque relativement réussi, la version japonaise est, elle, plutôt dans une ambiance très disco et “La Croisière s’amuse”. XD

Karaoke time~

Kodomo no… koro wa, sora wo tobeta yo
kusa ni nekorobi, kokoro no… tsubasa hiroge
doko e datte, yuketa boku datta

Kimi wo aishita toki, wasureteta tsubasa ga
mou ichido, yume no sora tobu koto wo oshieta

Docchi wo (docchi wo) muitemo uchuu
Docchi wo (docchi wo) muitemo mirai
Dokomade (dokomade) ittemo uchuu
Dokomade… ittemo mirai

Tu sais quand j’étais enfant, je pouvais voler dans le ciel
Allongé sur l’herbe, je déployais les ailes de mon cœur
Et je pouvais aller n’importe où.

Quand je suis tombé amoureux de toi, ces ailes que j’avais oubliés
m’ont apprises à nouveau à voler dans un ciel de rêve.

Peu importe où je vais, c’est l’espace.
Peu importe où je vais, c’est le future.
Peu importe jusqu’où je vais, c’est l’espace.
Peu importe jusqu’où je vais, c’est le future.

Même les paroles n’ont rien à voir… mais je préfère quand même cent fois cette version. XD

En omake, le générique original de Cobra que j’avais découvert au Japon quand c’était redevenu à la mode grâce à Madoka Magica (Homura~ XD). Générique qui remporte la palme du plus gros fossé entre la daube infâme à laquelle on a eu le droit en france, et le morceau original tout simplement culte dans lequel on reconnaitra les influences de Cowboy Bebop.




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Zic(s) du moment :
Daytona USA OST – Race to the Bass

Last episode of K-on!! tonight.

(click to see the video)




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Zic(s) du moment :
Aki Toyosaki – Utauyo!!MIRACLE (K-On!! OP2)

I must be the only one thinking that it’s the best K-On pairing, but anyway… Together Forever.

Mugi : “Hey, do you see that hottie with long dark hair over there ? She’s MAI WAIFU.”

Mio takes advantage of the commotion for jumping on Mugi and giving her a big hug.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Yui x Mugi date in the clubroom late in the evening.
Love triangle ?

Ritsu x Mugi date, a whole day alone together.
Love… ‘square’ ?

Mugyuu regretting making her lover cry after she ate her strawberry…
That was such an awesome scene, yet so painful to watch at the same time.

Mugi is so lovely that it really hurts…




「(せ 先輩のスク水姿…//////)」

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Zic(s) du moment :
Daytona USA OST – Sky High

Made it quickly a few days ago. From a certain scene of episode 11. Don’t ask me where are her hands.

Random screenshots posting action, intense Mugi worship, and moar GL nonsense in the ‘read more’.


read more …



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Random screenshots posting action and good ol’ <3s spreading. Mostly K-on.

read more …



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Zic(s) du moment :
Aki Toyosaki – Go! Go! Maniac (K-On!! OP)

Seen in K-On!! episode 3


And just like that, Azunyan confessed to Yui…

やっぱ…愛の告白だ、これ! KOKUHAKU TAIMU KITA ! I’m not the only one who got that reaction, right ? XD


Maa anyway, K-On!! is as nice as the first season. And KyoAni still makes it even better with all these original stuffs like that episode.

Speaking of episode 3, be sure to check the new OP made so Ricchan won’t feel lonely anymore~

(click for the video)
Even better than the original ! XD




Winter 2010 – Week 13 (last)

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At last, the final ranking of the season (and maybe the last episode ranking until an undetermined time).

Should I even be doing a ranking, since there were only 4 shows left ? Well anyway, let’s throw some pics and a few words again…

#1 ↑↑ Hanamaru Youchien (12) END

Very nice end~. First part with Anzu’s dream was very cute and heartwarming, gets adult Hiiragi-chan goodness too~. As for the last part, I found funny how Tsucchi needs the help of a 6 years-old kid for finding the courage to confess his love XD . Great stuff anyway, the conclusion is ‘open’ for a second season, but I doubt it will ever happen though…

#2 ↓↓ Dance in the Vampire Bund (11)

This arc continues to be rather captivating~

#3 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (13) END

Well as always I don’t care that much about the test thing, but all the ‘Himeji no yuuutsu’ part and the ending were rather cute.

#4 Kimi ni Todoke (25) END

We followed this baka-couple for 6 months, and we didn’t even get a confession nor kiss scene at the end… Oh man XD

Personal Winter 2010 Ranking

And let’s conclude this anime season with an overall ranking, accompanied by a picture of my favorite character for each show~

#1 To aru Kagaku no Railgun

Ruiko Saten
CV : Kanae Ito (Mihoshi/Sora no Manimani; Koume/Taishou Yakyuu Musume; Airi/Queen’s Blade)

Ok, Railgun ran for 2 seasons (Fall and Winter), but since it ended this season it’s ok to throw it here, right ? Anyway, I made a post about Railgun already so I don’t really have anything to add here. It was awesome, and I really hope for a second season, with more arcs focused on Saten-san. Well, it’s not only because she rocks my world, it’s mostly that I think she’s great material for being THE main heroine of this show. NEED MOAR.

#2 So-Ra-No-Wo-To

Noel Kannagi
CV : Aoi Yuki (Mina Tepes/Vampire Bund; Riko/Kirumin’zoo)

Despite a few episodes in the middle which didn’t catch my interest as much as the early and late episodes, that was really some nice yuri-ish heartwarming slice-of-life show. I can’t help thinking that ‘something’ was missing though. It was a very enjoyable show, but sadly enough I doubt it will leave a mark in anime history and in the japanese fandom.

#3 Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆

CV : Misato Fukuen (Maika/To aru Majutsu no Index)

Great season of Hidamari again. When I heard that the Hidamari Appartments would get 2 new residents, I was kind of afraid, because I didn’t want my good ol’Hidamari to change. But finally Nori and Nazuza are a nice addition to the cast, and everything is ‘natural’ as always. I think I’ve prefered x365, but this season got tons of nice moments, moar yuri and some Natsume goodness. I wanted to give SoraWoto a bit of push, so that’s why I’ve put it ‘only’ in third place.

#4 Hanamaru Youchien

Satsuki Tsuchida
CV : Shion Hirota

Good Gainax. Not as epic as previous comedy shows such as Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, but still great. Though, I think it would have been better with 24 episodes. I mean, this show got lot of random short stories which were really funny, but it didn’t left enough room for characters and relationship developments. Like, I would have liked to see Tsucchi hanging out with the other teachers/characters more. Some harem development would have been awesome too, but that’s just me. XD

#5 Chu-Bra!!

Kiyono Amahara
CV : Yoko Hisaka (Mio/K-On!)

If every season gets a ‘Way-better-than-I-ever-expected’ show, Chu-Bra is the one for this season. Nice comedy, nice characters, nice service, nice show ! And making an anime about pantsu worth being watch was quite a challenge. XD The ending was a bit classic and makes us think that a second season is possible (a new character got introduced during the credits), but I doubt it will happen, mostly because of its lack of popularity in the japanese fandom.

#6 Kimi ni Todoke

Ume Kurumizawa
CV : Aya Hirano (Konata/Lucky Star; Haruhi/Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu; Kaoru/Zettai Karen Children; Mei/Manabi Straight)

Ah~, Kimi ni todoke… Started really nice and cute, with one of the most huggable heroine ever. Watching Sawako’s evolution every week was really heartwarming, and it was all luv and fun~. Then, Kurumizawa appears, and we get even more luv and lulz, while adding light drama and some tears. Then the Kurumizawa arc ended and… dunno. I guess something broke inside me, I just wasn’t into it anymore. So yeah, all the best part was during Fall season, and I’ve put it at the last place almost every week during Winter season, but looking at it overally I guess giving it 6th place is ok.

#7 Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mei Ren
CV : Yu Kobayashi (Rio/So-Ra-No-Wo-To; Yumi/Saki; Nagi/Nyan Koi; Setsuna/Negima)

Yeah, I know it’s wrong to throw this show in the ranking while the last episode hasn’t been subbed, but I don’t wanna wait for it. Anyway, at the beginning I found this show pretty boring, and rather laughable because of the exagerrated ‘Shaft’ special effects. But at some point it gets some nice and rather captivating arcs, and no more Shaft effects, so the whole thing ends up being pretty interesting. I don’t think it will get some LEGENDARY ENDING, so throwing it in the ranking early is ok I guess.

#8 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi Kinoshita
CV : Emiri Kato (Kagami/Lucky Star; Mayoi/Bakemonogatari; Kiyori/Sasameki Koto; Sakuya/Candy Boy)

I’m bit of confused with BakaTest. I liked the Baka, but I hated the Test. Some great episodes in the middle, when it wasn’t all about the SD t-rpg action. A bunch of very nice characters, but a few very irritating ones too. Apparantly, this show gets the higher chance to get a second season, and I must admit I’d like to watch more of it. If it focus more on the characters and the comedy, that is. I’d really like to see more about the whole Yuuji x Shouko thing. And more Kinoshita twins goodness is highly needed too. WHERE THE HELL IS MY HIDEYOSHI EPISODE ?

#9 Ladies vs Butlers!

Kaoru Daichi
CV : Rie Kugimiya (Nagi/Hayate no Gotoku; Taiga/ToraDora; Chika/ Hidamari Sketch; Yuki/Saki; Alphonse/Fullmetal Alchemist)

A show that I really liked at first, but overally that was pretty classic. I would be ok for a second season only if Daichi-kun is finally considerated as a serious candidate for Hino.

#10 Omamori Himari

Kuesu Jinguuji
CV : Yuki Matsuoka (Tsuruya-san/Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu; Evangeline/Negima; Osaka/Azumanga Daioh)

Another classic show with some nice moments. I hope Daisuke Hirakawa (the main guy’s seiyuu) will never get a job in anime industry again.

I won’t post a Top Waifu Ranking, because I just don’t want to choose among them ! … Well, I can tell though that Saten-san is my #1 of the season~

I’m repeating myself here, but I’m leaving for japan in 2 weeks so I’ll probably stop doing weekly rankings. Well maybe I’ll write some anime posts occasionnally, but I guess I just won’t have time for that…

Well anyway, just wanted to say that it will surely be the last post in english before I leave, so to the few english users who happen to come across this shitty blog : cheers, and see ya in Japan~



Winter 2010 – Week 12

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Contrary to what I said last week, this isn’t the last ranking for the Winter 2010 season. I forgot that there was one more week to go.

I dunno until when I’ll keep doing this. I’m preparing for my one-year trip to japan, and I dunno if I’ll have time for silly posts when in Japan, so next week may be the last ranking, and not only for the winter season.

#1 So-Ra-No-Wo-To (12) END

So finally, we didn’t get depressing war action with cute girls dying and tears, and everything ended with a happy (yuri?) ending. Maybe a bit too much ‘utopian’ and optimistic, but a nice watch nevertheless.

#2 Chu-Bra!! (12) END

Unlike the previous episodes it was kinda melancholic all along, but very cute with Nayu x Haruka dating scene and funny moments. It just needed Haruka confessing her love to Nayu for this episode to be perfect. XD One thing though : the fact that Nayu quickly came back after all the tears kinda defeats the purpose of all the light drama of this episode but… oh well XD

#3 Dance in the Vampire Bund (10)

Cool episode again~. It got mizugi goodness during the first part, but the moment I liked the most was the whole part with Mei Ren, that was really cute. <3 <3 <3 Cute enough to make her my fav in that show~. The Dog Hunt thing was kind of cool too, that’s some nice final arc incoming.

#4 Hanamaru Youchien (11)

As always, very amusing episode~. And the story is finally moving forward a bit ! XD

Are you alright ? YES WE CAN !

#5 ↑↑ Ladies vs Butlers! (12) END

Sport Festival continues, and so the buruma saabisu. Not as wrong as the previous episode though. XD Typical harem ‘no-end’ ending, some DFC fondling action, a very tiny bit of Daichi-kun goodness… It was an ok episode.

#6 ↑↑ Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (12)

Again with all the T-RPG action which kind of bores me, but Emiri Katou festival inside, since the Kinoshita twins got lot of screentime this time~.

#7 ↓↓ Omamori Himari (12) END

Rather decent ending I would say. Well, the first part, with Himari turning ‘bad guy’ and all was kind of nice. Then Himari turns into some kind of magical girl, and the bishie final boss into some hueg ridiculous monster… that was kind of lulz. And finally it ended in the worst way possible : a song performed by Daisuke Hirakawa… orz

#8 ↓↓ Kimi ni Todoke (24)

Wow man it’s been half a year now that we’re watching Sawako-chan getting closer to Kazehaya-kun little by little… That’s ‘real-time’ romance, lol XD

Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu corner

Catched up with Hoshimittsu.

Seeing Natsume trying to get slowly closer to Sae is really heartwarming.
In the first season, she was some kind of ‘arrogant’ girl with the typical “OHOHO~” laughter, but since x365 she’s becoming cuter and cuter everytime she appears. I love watching her evolution, and I’m really rooting for her now (*adding Sae x Natsume in the yuri wishing list*).

Seriously, MY ANGEL !
She definitely became my Hidamari favorite~

Episode 10 :
Yunocchi gets locked outside her room, and she’s invited to spend a night with each Hidamari resident.
… And Hidamari Sketch suddenly turns into some kind of gyaruge. XD
Miyako route~
Y : “H- hajimete dakara, yasashiku shite ne, Miya-chan ///”

Hiro route~

Nori route~
That part was plain awesome <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Nazuna route~
<3 <3 <3

Sae route~
She’s the only girl she didn’t sleep with, aww…

Episode 11 :
Bonus route : Arisawa-sempai route. XD <3 <3 <3 <3

Waifu Top 5 : #1 Natsume, #2 Noel, #3 Kiyono, #4 Mei Ren, #5 Hideyoshi

See ya next week for the finale~



A Certain Delusional Railgun Post

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“Misaka-san ! What are you looking at right now ?”

“…… Mai Waifu ?”

“Yup, correct~ <3″

「ごめんね、佐天さん… 忘れちゃって…」
“I’m sorry, Saten-san… I forgot…”

「もう 御坂さんったらぁ~… 泣かないで♥
キスしてくれたら許して あ☆げ☆る!」
“Mou, Misaka-san~… Stop crying <3
I’ll forgive you with a kiss~”

“Ok ! I love you, Saten-san !”

「いいなぁ… 女の子同士って…」(CV:寿 美菜子w)
“How nice… girls love…” (CV : Minako Kotobuki XD)

So, I just finished to watch To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. I said it the first time, but again : Index was great, but Railgun was even better.

Well, the thing about Index is that Index-chan quickly ends up being a secondary character, and all the best parts of the show were actually the arcs involving Mikoto, the ‘Misaka Imouto’ and Last Order. So, as much as I love Mikoto, I’d have liked to see more about Index-chan and the whole Church thing.

In Railgun, it’s all about Mikoto and her harem gang, so even if the arcs were not as much ‘intense’ as in Index, it never drifted away from its story and was very nice to watch all along. And man… SATEN-SAN FOR THE ULTIMATE WIN.

Mikoto x Saten date, 3rd time !

lol That was hawt~

This scene was painful yet very lovely…
Some Kuroko x Uiharu is definitely needed~

Saten : (Uiharu, ii nioi ga suru…)

But still, Erii is the one for Uiharu. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m really hoping for a second season. <3 <3 <3

Moar Index would be nice too~



Winter 2010 – Week 11

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It’s sunday so here’s again my personal ranking of this week’s episodes.

#1 ↑↑ So-Ra-No-Wo-To (11)

It’s been a while that SoraWoto didn’t get the first place. But this week’s episode was definitely my favorite episode from this show so far. Female enemy snakes in Helvetia and gets found out by our lovely 1121th platoon. Major lililicious goodness ensues, like breast massage by Noel-chan and sexual harrassment by Filicia-san. Seeing Noel and Kanata trying so hard to flirt with the enemy girl was heartwarming. It definitely showed that yuri makes the world a better place, and for a bit of time two enemy countries were at peace thanks to the power of girls love. They couldn’t understand each others with words, but their warm feelings reached their heart, and mine at the same time. It was easy to tell that it would end in a very tragic way, but this episode was still one of the best things I saw this season. All Hail the Army of Peace, All Hail the 1121th platoon, All Hail deh yuri.

#2 Chu-Bra!! (11)

Very nice episode, with an equal amount of lulz and light drama. As always, it’s Kiyono-chan who caught my interest most of the time. I really love her thoughtful side she’s hiding behind that frank and slutty side of her. All the part when she’s at Nayu-chan’s place was nice, I wish she spent the night there, that would have been epic.

#3 Dance in the Vampire Bund (9)

Cool fighting action, rather captivating plot, and the seitokaichou even got a happy ending ! That was a quite enjoyable arc, been a while I haven’t appreciated some serious action.

#4 ↓↓ Hanamaru Youchien (10)

Nice as always, the second half in particular in which Kawashiro-sensei and Kakogawa-sensei got more lines than usual, and Yamamoto-sensei showed lot of lovely faces~. Again, got high quality ED.

#5 ↑↑ Omamori Himari (11)

First round of the last battle for Yuto and his female harem army. No saabisu, but here too I found it was some rather interesting fighting action.

#6 ↓↓ Ladies vs Butlers! (11)

Na-… na-… NANDA KORYAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! XD Oh man that was so… wrong ! Yet so good ! But still very wrong ! XD I mean all the sport festival, and the sausage scene in particular… Is it really ok to show that on tv ? XD Maa I’m not complaining tho~. There was also a very tiny bit of Daichi-kun goodness. I’m glad to see that she listened to me last week, and that she (almost) aknowledges that what she feels is not friendship but LOVE. Now I just hope that Tomomi and Flameheart-san will fight until the end, so Daichi-kun can sweep in at the very last moment and gets the happy ending. XD To be honest, I think it’s because I’m kind of fed up of the two main heroines’ endless arguments that I ranked it so low…

#7 ↑↑ Kimi ni Todoke (23)

Sawako with her New Year hairstyle : OMG CUTE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. Last Kurumizawa appearance in this show was like… 3 seconds long. orz

#8 ↓↓ Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (11)

If they want to do some T-RPG action, why don’t they just make a game from it ? Maa, no doubt that they will make one anyway. Doesn’t mean it totally lacked of anything interesting, but someone has to be in last place, can’t be helped.

A Certain Delusional Railgun Corner

Almost catched up with Railgun, which actually just ended.

For the last arc, a new character joins the Railgun crew : Erii-chan. <3 <3 <3
Her seiyuu is Kana Hanazawa, and with that all my favorite new seiyuu get reunited in the same show (with Aki Toyosaki -Yui from K-On- as Uiharu and Kanae Ito -Koume from Taishou Yakyuu Musume- as Saten-san, my trio of love).
Quickly, Uiharu gets all crazy over her and feels like she can’t leave her alone a single second. <3

No matter how you look at it, IT’S A DATE !

And a new love was born~
adding Uiharu x Erii to the yuri wishing list

Please gently watch over their love, Saten-onee-san~

Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu Corner

Started also to watch the 3rd season of one of my favorite slice-of-life animes of all-time.

Hidamari Sketch gets its third happy little yuri couple : Nori and Nazuna.
I guess that’s what they meant by ‘hoshimittsu’. (jk)

Episode 5.
Yuno forgot her cellphone in the art classroom, and meets a sempai when going to pick it back.
Girl meets girl, and it’s love at first sight.
(^ yeah, my Mugivision is constantly set to MAX LEVEL when watching anime)

Captivated by Yunocchi’s cuteness, Arisawa-sempai puts aside what she was drawing and starts sketching Yuno.
She goes all /// when Yuno makes compliments about her work~.

Now Yunocchi’s harem is complete, with a girl of her age (Miya-chan), a kouhai (Chika-chan~), and now a sempai~ (Arisawa-sempai). I guess it makes Yunocchi a ‘true’ main heroine now. XD

This week’s Waifu Top 5 : #1 Saten (Railgun), #2 Kiyono (ChuBra), #3 Noel (SoraWoto), #4 Natsume (Hidamari), #5 Daichi (LvsB)

Next week is the last ranking of the season.