Hyakko – volume 5

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Wow… Been 9 months since the previous volume. FRIKKIN MISSED THIS MANGA.

One thing I like about Hyakko is that the books themself are always made of win. This time, it gets a whole pic on the other side of the cover ! Never saw that before ! Nice stuff~
Ain’t really visible on this pic, but the back of the uncovered book gets none other than Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li XD

Volume 4 was epic on many points. As for this volume, it was… hmmm how could I say it…


Was epic, for sure. But not in a way you have known before. Well, that’s what make Hyakko’s quality, finally. But still… I guess it’s safe to consider this book as a ‘gaiden’ of the actual manga.

As always, read the comments below the random scans for more info, since I suck at making decent descriptions.

These 4 characters are actually the main characters of the book. The book is divised in 4 chapters, each chapter focusing on one of them.
But , the 3 first chapters are actually an arc with a plot. PLOT ? IN MY HYAKKO ? :o

Chapter 1 : Kirin
so the whole thing starts when Torako meets a cute girl that even yankees are afraid of : Kirin Muromachi (kirin : girafe, back with animal names again XD)

Kirin is one of the ‘Four Emperors'(Shitennou), meaning one of the four biggest badasses in the school.
She actually intends to be the new seitokaichou, but her rival for the election is one of the other shitennou : Takaya (hawk).

Takaya, helped by his right arm Kitsune, is ready to use any dirty trick for winning the election, like sending random guys attacking Kirin.

Wait… did my Hyakko become some fighting manga ?
Even Torako ain’t sure about it anymore XD
Anyway, Kirin is <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

chapter 2 : Shishimaru
After having pwnd the random guys, Kirin gets to fight the mid-boss brought by Kitsune, the third of the shintennou guys who’s none other than our old erobaka Shishimaru XD

Shishimaru wins the fight (like every stupid pervert, he’s uberly strong XD ), but…
Torako : “ah wait, you hit a girl ! SAITTEEEEE !!!”
Clean hit XD

Chapter 3 : Takaya
Final chapter of the seitokai arc, with Takaya’s motives being revealed, and the final fight (?!?) for being the seitokaichou.

Now, that’s really fighting manga.

Chapter 4 : Kumahiko
The chapter involving the last of the shitennou guys is actually a good old crazy Hyakko chapter~
Torako decides to help Kuma, her childhood friend and obligatory ‘guy who looks scary but is actually a shy and kind guy’, to overcome his shyness toward girls.

Training with Ayu…
She looks so cute with longer hair <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
He’s not a guy for you T_T

It gives also the opportunity to other chars to finally appear, such as Nene…
N : “Oh man, you’re big ! Your ***** must be quite awesome too ! How long ?”
lol Even this jerk Kitsune is blushing at this. XD

hyakko05_0014 hyakko05_0013
Hitsugi & Inori~

So yeah… I enjoyed it pretty much, but to be honest not as much of the previous ones. It’s just that I’m so a sucker for slice-of-life and iyashi-kei, and Hyakko was truly one of the best from this genre, so I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed. Anyway, looking forward to the next book~



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  1. Comment by Kuro | October 30, 2009 @ 9:32 pm

    lulz ! J’ai pas lu, mais je kiff bien la dernière illustration, il manque Sammo Hung !!! :o

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