Hyakko volume 1

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A couple of days ago I killed again some time at the japanese library, and came across this manga :


Actually, I did check that manga before some weeks ago after seeing an article in Newtype about the freshly aired anime adaptation, but I only took a quick look at it and didn’t read a single bit of the story because of its ‘peculiar’ chara design… orz

So when I came across this manga again yesterday, I finally decided to give it a read thanks to a post I saw on an imageboard… and I ended up reading the first volume entirely, because it was frikkin’ GREAT.

Yet another awesome all-girls slice of life manga, Hyakko is about the everyday-life of Torako, some very energetic and crazy girl, and her 3 friends. Somewhat à la School Rumble, their classmates are eventually introduced and the manga grows more and more crazy.

The four main heroines : Torako the baka, Tatsuki the ojou-sama, Suzume the fushigi-chan, and Ayumi the moe shy girl. The character-design can be a turn-off at first, but personally (ironically enough), now that I’m familiar with the characters and the story, I finally find the design to be kind of cool.

img061 img060
Tatsuki is the serious one in the crew, but she actually gets caught up in Torako’s pace quite easily, resulting in some hilarious scenes.

Ayumi : “Actually I don’t have a big appetite…”
Torako : “…”
Torako : *pushes the ‘add extra’ button*

Ayumi : “Tatsuki-san didn’t take an extra…”
Tatsuki : “Any complaint ?”
Torako : *trying to push the ‘add extra’ button*
lol~ XD
Like every baka characters, Torako can’t help herself not to press every buttons she sees.

So far my favorite is Suzume, and that scene explicitly shows one of the reasons why I wub her.

Torako : “… man, you suck.”
Ushio : “Who cares ?! Karaoke are all about singing, that’s all ! What about you ? You’re talkin but can you even sing ?”
Torako : “OoOOooOo ! I’ll make ya cry and apologize !”
Torako :*singing atrociously*
Ushio : “You just suck too finally !!!”
The karaoke scene, many lulz~

The art class chapter was both funny and HAWT
Also, Nene = w00t gachiyuri iinchou~

Torako : “If it’s you, Suzu, I wouldn’t mind giving up my virginity. I’ll give ya even my first kiss”
Torako : “BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA ! Don’t do it for real !!!”
I was already convinced by this manga, but that last chapter was a finishing blow <3 <3 <3
Suzume FTW.

Torako is hot <3

In short : awesome characters + all-girl manga + slice of life + yuri + crazyness = must-read.



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